Monday, August 07, 2006


Well it is ONE YEAR ago today that we got that terrible phone call that Steve was in the hospital. That was one LONG night and days of frightened waiting afterward to see what would happen. His odds were not good at all on August 7, 2005. I cried so many tears I thought my heart was splitting open. Now when I see Steve I can never be mad at him for anything because I just have to think back to when I thought I might never see him again. Each day is a gift to enjoy and savor. We had lunch today and I brought him a Slayer 6/06/06 t-shirt. He replied "EPIC". And thank you. So I said thank you back. I'm glad he is around!
Then we listened to Celtic Frost. EPIC.


Blogger rachel royce said...

gawd, i can't believe how much time has passed. it was great seeing you and steve last nite at mikhail's bday. i'm so stoked to see the incredible progress in steve's recovery. you're a real gem, siobahn.

3:22 PM  

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