Monday, January 16, 2006

Paralyzed 'NOT!'

I just got back from visiting steve for the past three days and it seems like he has regressed a bit since last I saw him three weeks ago. He is only able to get therapy a couple times a week and has one more week of this before he goes out for therapy at two local centers. Slow going eh.

It seems that the music therapy has been working really well for him. Steve does not appear to be totally paralyzed though. Some movement occured in the right leg and arm several times while I was there. I picked up both his wrists/hands to dance with him to music while he sat in bed and he pushed his whole right arm forward with a stretch to meet my resistance and fully flexed his hand to push me. This was very exciting. He also expressed himself appropriately with words I've never heard him say before.

I am hoping that the therapy he gets in a couple weeks will help restimulate whats been neglected since he's returned home. Sheila has been absolutely awesome but she can't do it all. If anyone would like to come by and do some light mindful stretches with him that would really help.

He unfortunately caught a cold this past week and has almost fully recovered but this is so tricky for him because his immune system if compromised can hinder A LOT of healing. He has also developed GOUT again...which gives him unrelenting pain at times and has made him not want to get out of bed. This is so not good. All the nurses at the hospital have told me that the bed is the enemy. He has been resting to get over the cold and the gout seemed to be disipating by the time I left.

What I see is that his diet has to be really watched. The diet for stroke recovery and gout conflict a little in regards to oatmeal and eggs but besides that seem pretty right on.

If you bring food to steve PLEASE, I know its tempting, but NO SWEETS, CHOCOLATE, COFFEE, CAFFEINE, BEER, RED MEAT, WHITE SUGAR. We need to keep him on a low spice whole food diet through the cold and flu season and avoid gout so he can do his therapy. thanks guys. nutritious snacks are great!

ciao for now


It is hard to write these days as time seems to blend into itself and each day is much like other days but overall our Steve is holding up very well. He has what is termed severe expressive aphasia so he can say various words and sing but full sentences are all garbled and frustrating for him. he points to things and says no or yes and usually we can figure out what he's trying to say. Good thing we're such good friends too so we can laugh together afterward when it takes a while to understand, and it's a relief for him when you finally get it. The right side of his body is still totally paralyzed but he is adapting and learning ways to move around, and therapy at home has helped to strengthen the right arm/shoulder and leg. With help, Steve can go from the bed to the wheelchair and to a chair and he mostly does it himself but for safety he needs one person right there and it helps if you cue him verbally and make sure he's ready for the motion. His dad is slowly having the btahroom remodeled for better accessibility and the wheelchair ramp is not quite finished. Also, he still needs home health care workers to relieve his brother and cousin so anyone who might like to work for him even a few hours a week or weekends please e-mail me or Sheila.......a lot of what he needs is company and supervision in case he needs and changing the album!
We Love Steve