Thursday, December 29, 2005

sex bomb baby yeah!

today is thursday and i went to visit steve for a bit. sheila had just made him lunch and he was watching a spanish soap opera. he is very happy today, we were both laughing a bunch. he is looking really good. he is doing better and better every time i see him, and he's always smiling. i was spinning some vinyl for him and he had me straighten out some of his records which were out of their covers or backwards or upside down. it seems like he has them almost classified in different genres. he sang almost all of the words to "highway to hell", we listened to venom, fang and flipper and we sang along to that too. then he had me put on vivaldi: bolero and he just sat back humming the tune. then it was time for physical therapy, so i left. i just have to say sheila is such a nice person and she is so great with steve.

i'm looking forward to going on an excursion hopefully in the near future.

Monday, December 19, 2005

YEAHHH Happily Home

Steve got home thursday fine and the new ramp is excellent, professional and couldn't be better. Mark has just the rails to put on and its finished. Steve was "omigodding" all over the place especially when he saw his cat donnie and the SHACK. The first few days were pretty hecktic with getting steve settled in so its probably a good thing that he had only a few visitors. Kevin came over on friday and hooked up his stereo which was key...its just wrong that the boy had no music right away - but now he do.

Kate and Patrick came by one night and we all played blackjack. It may seem like he doesn't understand much but thats not true. Its just hard when he gets confused and can't say what he wants to say. He's doing better everyday though.

Steve got his second acupuncture treatment this morning and it went really well. He was looking forward to it all week. His aphasia is going away but because of the new environment he gets overstimulated really fast slow one person at a time. Try to ask him simple questions. Having to make a choice over this or that sends his minds reeling a bit. He's practicing walking with Sheila, Doug and Mark and getting stronger everyday. He's on a waiting list for therapy now that he's left the hospital. So all the therapy he was getting all day long has now halted to whenever it can be fit in the day.

He is hungry for speech therapy for anyone game enough to do some with him.
and we woke up this morning listening to ACDC, the Ramones, OZZI, and Aerosmith, which blew his mind. He can sing much easier than talk so this is awesome practice for him.

He doesn't have a nurse and the family has been told that it may take months to get someone in there. So if anybody has nursing/home care skills we need you. Contact Sheila at

Its been recommended that if you have the slightest cold/flu come by to visit but pick up one of those hospital masks if you can. If steve gets a secondary infection that kind of setback can really do alot of damage for him now.

WEll, lots more happened but dem is the highlights.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

what up?

i just got back into town, has anyone been over to visit at the house? how are things going? do doug or steve need anything that y'all know of. i wanna go visit maybe tomorrow, anyone wanna come with?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

this is NUTS

Steve is coming home Thurs. 12/15 during the day....and hopefully he'll get some acupuncture soon after (Sunday?) and start going to some outpatient therapy......his phone # will be the same - not sure if he'll want to use the phone but maybe we can help him to take calls at set times and he'll be able to hear people talk to him! Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Friday, December 09, 2005

We Love Steve

THANK YOU all for coming out to the show last night and to the bands and Jay!! We can buy steve a folding metal wheelchair ramp now for his steps - Merry Christmas STILES - also got some good pics so I'll try to pots those on the site later.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

benefit 12/8/05 OAKLAND meeeoooowwwwww

don't forget the benefit
I played some guitar for Steve tonight and he said "awesome". He was not in the cafeteria but was wearing his flannel pj's. The ramp is ON for this weekend for sure but I think there's enough help. Anyone who wants to haul bags of yard waste away is more than welcome to bring a truck on OVER to the house on RHODA

steve said my naaaame! reowr

i visited steve yesterday evening (monday) and brought him some more Tu Lan for dinner. he was especially stoked about the emperial rolls. he is eating really well, but he doesn't like taking pills, but he needs them for pain. the thing is he will take them if given to him but i don't think he will take them on his own. (i think they are giving him motrin but i'm not sure.) i didn't realize until after we'd eaten that he has been doing his meals in the cafeteria area, i didn't think to help him up until later, because other times i visit, the first thing he wants to do is get up and out. he is looking fucking great! he showed me the scar on his head and the scar on his stomach. the new thing that i noticed about him in his speech, is that he likes to make this sound "reowr" sort of like a meow but like what you would say to a sex kitten. it is really cute. his vocabulary is expanding and he sure likes to swear! considering the pain he's having he is still in great spirits. his right leg was bothering him and he was showing me the places that hurt, he told me "pain" and "hurts" but the whole time he smiled and shook his head like no biggie. he really likes his privacy. he kept having me make sure that every inch of his curtains were closed. it makes it a lot darker in his space, but i think he likes it that way. so when i had to go i was making sure his curtains were all straight and his "roommate" directly across from him said, "goodbye ms. chinn!" to me. i said "see ya later! but i'm not ms. chinn, my name is robin." then from behind the curtain i heard steve call my name, "robin!". i thought he was calling me back, so i peeked back in, and he was smiling. he didn't need anything, i think he was just happy to have an old word back.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Discharge date from the hospital is set for Dec. 15. EXCITING and also kind of overwhelming. It is the realm of the unknown for Steve and his family......hopefully all will go well.....and we're looking at enrolling into a day program in Oakland where he can be during the weekdays, also aphasia center support groups. Then he can be busy and supervised and get therapies ongoing!!!