Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Skull Surgery

finally a date is confirmed for Steve's skull surgery, its thur. Nov. 17th, time not confirmed. It will be good to get that piece out of his stomach and back on his head. Overall Steve was in good spirits for his dr. appt we went to at Highland yesturday..he expressed to the dr. that he was bothered by how his head was and wanted the surgery. He will be at Highland for about a minute (1 day) then they will transport him back to Fairmont to be re evaluated to see if there can be an extension for his stay. All the Therapists at Fair. have been really great working with steve,they want him to stay on longer to continue with therapy because he's making good lets hope Medi cal will think so too...


Blogger Siobhan said...

thanks HON!!! Steve's dad confirmed that the pre-op is at 5:45 AM and then surgery itself will start around 8AM and go for maybe 3 hours....So steve might even be back at fairmont Friday night or Saturday. Keep your fingers and things crossed.

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