Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Look No More Staples"

yesturday Steve had the staples taken out of his head and stomach, it was painless. He was really glad to have them taken out, sayin "awwwwww" and "YES" and smiling very enthusiastically! I'm glad they did it there and we did'nt have to go all the way to Highland for it. Steve was in an excellent mood yesturday, wearing his new winter sweater my mom got him. He even wanted to go outside to see the rain and said "fresh smelling"..

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Please encourage Steve to drink water when you're visiting. he is not getting enough fluids, I think he forgets to drink water during the day. ALSO we still need just a couple of people with trucks to haul out maybe one load each of bagged up yard debris from Steve's yard. A link to my e-mail is on the main page of this web site if you can help with this!! THANKS

Friday, November 25, 2005

Kareoke Thanksgiving

Sheila and I shared time with steve for his thanksgiving dinner and he was really happy and in great spirits. He hasn't seemed to be in any pain for the last few days...lots of pain meds. The best thing was a fellow patient had her husband and family show up during dinner and in the dining room he set up two mikes and a sound system to entertain and playback some old mexican ballads. They both sang and steve seemed to really enjoy the music. Apparently, she used to be a recorded singer and he let us listen to one of her old recorded songs. I think she's recovering from a stroke too?

Anyways, at one point the husband was singing a song in spanish and put the mike in front of steve who didn't miss a beat and finished the line in spanish and seemed to pull if off very well. I don't know if he had the right words but it sounded great! He continued until he couldn't and started to laugh. It was amazing and surreal. I'm so glad we were there.

The other news is ....
Somehow his helmet was lost in the move back to fairmont. Fingers are crossed that there's no more falling down. Does anyone have access to a large hockey helmet to bring steve?

If you do the best thing to do is to check it in at the desk as personal items and then bring it to him. The therapist says its up to "family" to supply one. They have him standing alot in therapy now which is great but a little scary. Better safe than sorry at this point.

pick ups

We need a couple of people with trucks who are available today or tomorrow to haul out some yard debris in garbage bags from Steve's house. Otherwise we have people already I think who can do the construction work at the house. Anyone can call me to check in though, my # is (510) 759-2810

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


well Steve is back at Fairmont for more rehab, this time in room 38. Bldg. H . Scroll WAYYYY down thru the blogs for directions.....he refused to go back into the old room for some reason but he has the same bed spot in the new room. I brought back the little TV and a couple of movies. Almost forgot that everything you bring should be logged with the nurses. He looks really good. More later

Saturday, November 19, 2005



"Steve was doing well yesturday until the IV nightmare from Hell...he'll probabley try to tell you about it when you see him..the right arm had an iv that hit a nerve and he was in extreame pain then the other one they put in his left foot was'nt in the vein so when they put the medicine in it and flushed it with saline he was in extreme pain...it took forever for them to figure out what was wrong with him...poor steve he was really tramatized by that and didnt want any other iv's..the night nurse said she would change his antibotics and sezure med. to oral pills instead. If you visit and he has an IV in or there trying to give him one complain to them and tell them that is not his wishes to have one, or nobody will know"

OTHERWISE he is at HIGHLAND (not sure the room #) and doing well following the last part of a CRANIECTOMY (I think it's called) - probably at Highland through Monday and maybe longer so check back for updates....
I am thinking RAMP building and house work to resume next SATURDAY Nov. 26 as a long weeekend maybe people will be around?? COOL, more later

Friday, November 18, 2005

Back Together

well Steve made it through another one..I was able to see him at about 4pm yesturday he was still in the recovery room being watched...when I walked in he was totally awake and smiled and said "hi"when he saw me..I said "welcome back"..his head was all bandaged up , they did'nt shave all his hair because some of it was still long in the back..he was motioning to his head pointing at it like "look what they did"..the nurses said everything went well and his vitals were good..I did'nt stay too long because he needs to rest, but he looked really good considering what hes been through..Go Steve!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Whole Enchilada

I'm sending my intention out there to the universe that Steve goes through surgery today with all positively going well. I've been told by the nurses that this is a pretty common surgery and that they do it all the time so Steve should fair well considering his attitude, health and his support system.

so just to push things over the edge, like I like to do...hee hee...
Lets pray that Steve come out of this WHOLE in every way. Mind Body and Spirit.
I believe Our visualization of him Whole is very powerful.

and I want to send big thanks to everyone involved in getting his home ready for him last weekend. I am amazed and grateful for steve. He is one lucky hombrey!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Skull Surgery

finally a date is confirmed for Steve's skull surgery, its thur. Nov. 17th, time not confirmed. It will be good to get that piece out of his stomach and back on his head. Overall Steve was in good spirits for his dr. appt we went to at Highland yesturday..he expressed to the dr. that he was bothered by how his head was and wanted the surgery. He will be at Highland for about a minute (1 day) then they will transport him back to Fairmont to be re evaluated to see if there can be an extension for his stay. All the Therapists at Fair. have been really great working with steve,they want him to stay on longer to continue with therapy because he's making good progress..so lets hope Medi cal will think so too...

Monday, November 14, 2005


thanks to everyone who made it to help in the yard yesterday, you guys rock. ANd folks that didn't make it, you can come to the next one HAHAHA. We are making progress, will keep everyone posted this week when I know more about steve's surgery and whereabouts - I think it's still on for this week.
THE yard looks gorgeous and also, the guys that picked up the ramp and drove it back, you are awesome and thank you so much!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

tu lan

my last visit with steve was on tuesday the 8th. we went out for a walk/roll out in the parking lot and it started to rain. steve didn't care and wanted to keep going. there was another patient out catching some fresh air, and i asked steve if he thought we should try to race them, he said yes and laughed. i brought some vietnamese food from tu lan and he was really excited about that, he said "awesome!" like three times. i handed him a fork and chopsticks and he threw away the fork and ate using the chopsticks. i had brought three movies for him and he chose "the filth and the fury" sex pistols documentary, so i stayed and watched most of it with him. at one point, the nurse had just left and he wanted her to come back so he yelled "AAAAAHHHH!" to get her to come back. my friend lorna called me while i was there, so i put him on the phone with her and he talked a little bit with her, mainly words like: "hi, yes, yeah, oh my god". he is moving around good and can adjust the bed with the controls himself and he really likes doing things on his own. he doesn't really want to be helped. my last several visits he has been in really good spirits.

so, i'm going to the work party at his house on sunday and i will be driving from SF in my truck if anyone needs a ride, give me a call (415) 531-6250. i can't stay late though, cuz i have to work later.

Friday, November 11, 2005

work it

we'll be gathering at Steve's house Sunday 11/13 around noon for a couple of hours at least to clean up and haul some junk away - as well as set up a hospital bed for him and see what else needs to be done in preparation for some remodeling. Word is that some home adaptation people will come over Tues. 11/15 to make recommendations and we can assist to follow those - including purchasing a couple of the big items as gifts from all of his friends. THANKS to all who have offered help and already provided it also.....Steve has a lot of really good friends. His family is eternally grateful for the support, they have told me that they think he wouldn't be recovering like he is without his loving friends.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


hey Ya'll, Good news, yesturday in PT Steve walked the parellel bars (assisted for support) 3 times back and forth, his stamia was really good yesturday, but the best news of all..when steve steps with his left foot he can drag the right foot to take a step "all on his own"!! its slow and a little shaky but its a good start, we cheered him on and he was proud of himself!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Steve will be going home soon after Nov. 18 sometime and will need help with some home remodeling - are you knowledgeable about plumbing, home repairs or landscaping? I will be trying to organize a work party in the next couple of weeks at Steve's house to clear the path along the side of the house and build a ramp up the back steps to his bedroom. ALso he might need his bathroom remodeled somehow. Anyone with knowlege of this type of thing is helpful - but we need help clearing the yard as well - weedwackers etc. and to haul out some junk from the back yard. Contact me via the link to my e-mail if you are available/able etc.